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Merchant Accounts F.A.Q.

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What is a Merchant Account?

A Merchant Account is a business account established by a contractual agreement between your business and a Merchant Service Provider. An account is needed in order to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers. The account provides credit and debit card authorization, and electronically deposits your money to your business chequing account.

How frequently are funds deposited into my account?

Activity is processed and reported daily. The transfer of funds takes place through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Depending on your account type, funds will usually be deposited within 1 to 2 business days.

Do I have to change my bank?

No. You can keep your existing banking relationship.

Can I close my merchant account over the phone?

No. You need to notify your Merchant Service Provider's company with a letter and the owner's signature, only then can an account closure be handled.

How do I get set up with other credit card companies like American Express or Discover Card?

With all new merchant accounts, your business is set up to accept Visa and Mastercard automatically. Accepting American Express, Discover, and other cards are optional. Because these companies form their own independent credit card associations, you can apply to accept these cards if you so desire. If you don't accept these cards and later want to, that can be arranged for you as well.

What if I'm having problems processing more than one transaction in one day with the same credit card number?

Make sure that each transaction for the same card number has a unique invoice number.

I changed my chequing account. How do I update my merchant processing account?

If you have changed your chequing account, please make sure to update that information with us. You will need to fax a copy of a voided check that includes the bank name and location as well as your business name.

What is a Discount Rate?

A Discount Rate is a fee assessed on each credit card sale that is processed through your merchant account. Discount Rates are expressed as a percentage of sales and it may vary depending upon the characteristics of each transaction in relation to your business. Discount Rates apply to Visa and Mastercard sales only. American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB rates are established by each of those individual brands in accordance with your merchant agreements with those companies. The account for Visa and Mastercard transactions is not involved in those fees or the disbursement of funds into your bank account when you accept one of those third-party card types from a customer.

What ia a chargeback?

A chargeback is a dispute procedure that begins when a cardholder questions a charge on his credit card account. The issuing bank will then decide according to industry guidelines whether the merchant or the cardholder is financially liable for the charge. In making their decision, the issuing bank might request documentation from the merchant that originated the charge. If upon review of the requested documentation, the issuing bank decides that the merchant is financially liable for the charge, they will credit the cardholder's account for the disputed amount, and return the charge to the merchant's bank. In turn, the merchant's bank will chargeback the merchant to collect those funds.

What is a batch?

A batch is a collection of transactions accumulated over a period of time and processed as a group. You can batch orders for authorization or for capture. Your processing requests may in turn be batched for settlement by banks.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is where credit card, billing, and personal information is encrypted and passed through to communicate with the service provider for authorization and approval.

Can I capture the card information on my server?

Using an API gateway in co-ordination with secure hosting, you can retain the credit card information on your server.

What is a virtual terminal?

The virtual terminal collects the information to process a credit card and transmits it electronically through a secure gateway to the authorization center for approval.

Can a manual transaction be processed online?

Yes, there is software where you can log on to the Internet from anywhere and process a manual credit card transaction.

Can I do recurring billing?

Yes, you can do recurring billing using a secure database that is available to you.

What is SSL?

It is short for Secure Socket Layer, a system for encrypting data to be sent over the Internet, including E-commerce transactions and passwords. With SSL, client and server computers exchange public keys, allowing them to encode and decode their communication.

What is encryption?

The "scrambling" of information sent over the Internet. Encryption ensures that only the intended recipient has the ability to read and understand the information.

What is a shopping cart and how does it work?

A shopping cart is a software program that will keep track of the total amount of products purchased by a customer on your website. A shopping cart will total up the cost of the products or services that a customer purchases before payment is processed.